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Telescopic T35130SL
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Telescopic T35130SL


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T35130SL - Robust, productive and high-end features

Rugged design and protected
High Level Performance
• High-end Features
•Comfort in use
spacious and ergonomic cabin
• Hydrostatic transmission - power, precision and smooth engagement

The T35130SL is a telescopic 13 meters displaying a maximum lift capacity of 3.5 tonnes. With its robust design and its high-end features, it is particularly suitable for customers requiring a complete machine and exceptional performance.









• monocoque chassis design and complete component protection

• Panoramic cab with high visibility when handling loads at height


A dashboard with digital display and ergonomic controls (including a multifunction joystick with an integrated switch forward / neutral / reverse) for increased safety and productivity.

hydraulic and electronic systems
• Can Bus Technology - detailed management of machine performance and continuous monitoring of vital components for easy maintenance
• active diagnostic system - this system ensures that the machine remains in the safety zone in the event of hydraulic failure.

Engine and performance
• Engine 100 hp / 410 Nm - power and torque to spare, enough to handle the most difficult terrain conditions
• Hydrostatic transmission - with a function of slow approach to drive while flexibility and place loads with maximum precision.

• AMA (Aggravating Movements of Judgment) - regardless of the accessory and the type of load (pallet or suspended load), the AMA system prevents movements that could jeopardize the stability so that the machine is still working in its security zone.

automatic correction system cant and arrow positioning

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