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rock bucket
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rock bucket


Accessories Doosan loaders: Rock bucket

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To dig and load compact materials or raw rocks. Applications in areas requiring high breakout force, such as mines and quarries.


Description Capacité en dôme ISO (m3)
Bkt GP DM DL200 2
Bkt GP DM DL200-3 2
Bkt GP DM DL250 2
Bkt GP DM DL250-3 2.5
Bkt GP DM DL300 3
Bkt GP DM DL300-3 3
Bkt GP DM DL350 3.5
Bkt GP DM DL350-3 3.5
Bkt HD DM DL420 4.2
Bkt HD DM DL420-3 4.2
Bkt HD DM DL450 4.5
Bkt HD DM DL450-3 4.5
Bkt HD DM DL500 5
Bkt HD DM DL550-3 5



• Elements particularly in demand as the leading edge, heel plates and the corner blades are made of hardened steel up to a hardness of 420 HB for maximum abrasion resistance.
Thick reinforcing plates protect critical areas of the bottom and sides of the bucket.
An overflow enhances protects cylinders.
bolted leading edges reversible teeth and collars optional
Edges rights: good capacity / penetration

Application: Hard and abrasive materials Such As rock, and digging for severe applications. Severe digging is no problem for this tough bucket Entirely made of high wear resistant steel with a hardness of 420 BHN. Weld-on ESCO® teeth come standard

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