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A unique solution to optimize the storage and retrieval of pallets to very high levels in the VNA

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Yale MTC series is the perfect solution for applications that require optimum use of space in the warehouse. Used in very narrow aisles, the MTC series allows the warehouse to increase storage capacity while still providing 100% selectivity and the ability to move large volumes quickly and safely.

In a lifting capacity of up to 17 m, this series of VNA trucks ensures that all the usable space is actually used.

The elevation of the operator provides it exceptional visibility on the pallet at any time and also allows him to collect items as soon as they wish.

ergonomic features

A large space integrated padded floor absorbs vibration and is also home discretely operator presence pedal, eliminating any risk of triggering potential. Each pedal is about the size of an A5 sheet of paper. The pedals are activated very simply by the feet of the operator, giving him total freedom to find the most comfortable driving position depending on the circumstances
The seat is height adjustable and can be folded down to provide a comfortable extra support when the operator is standing positon. The seat can also turn 20 degrees left or right when the operator moves in reverse
The operator can either sit or stand in an ergonomic work environment that includes three-way adjustable front mounted controls or joystick controls mounted on the side of the seat and can be positioned vertically or horizontally
The upper and lower assembly of the turret head ensures optimum handling charges and also improve visibility on the forks and pallet at any time. The operator has a full view of the two forks, even at ground level

Features relating to productivity

The ability to reach speeds up to 12 km / h in both applications guide rail or wire guidance and very fast acceleration capability to maximum speed, make the truck a Yale MTC of the most productive trucks in its class
The pantograph mechanism integrated into the turret head allows quick insertion and precise pallets on shelves. The lateral deviation is also improved in displacement mode, which results in shorter cycle times
The patented hydraulic system of the truck Yale MTC gives the operator the ability to perform multiple actions at the same time as moving transversely, rotate and move the auxiliary lift while raising the cab. The fluidity of the recovery and storage of pallets is improved greatly and it eliminates breaks during work and thus increase productivity
With 30 kW Hoist power available at the end of the fingers of the operator, the Yale MTC is the ideal truck for applications where performance must be high

The speed function depending on the height and weight is standard on all Yale MTC trucks. In operation, this means that the fastest possible speed is calculated for the carriage, depending on the height of the cabin and the weight of the load. In vacuum, a speed surplus is available to further enhance productivity.

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