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A low-cost handling solution that makes the most of a shopping area

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The MS series was designed in order to be as friendly as possible through its transport controls and fluids rise and descent. The trolleys are handled effortlessly into the tightest corner of the warehouse or workshop.

By design, the ergonomics of the MS series is perfectly suitable when low-cost solution is sought for recovery in medium and large applications. This series optimizes the efficiency of the operator in the handling of pallets and containers open on the side and for placing the goods on multi-level shelving.


ergonomic features

A large cushioned platform with anti-slip coating allows the operator to choose the most comfortable driving position throughout its working cycle
An ergonomic tiller head with angled grips and simple and responsive butterfly controls minimize tension and fatigue on the wrist, thumb and fingers Operator
Dual proportional control of lifting and lowering are intended for use as right to left
To further increase the efficiency of operation, all controls can be operated without having to release the tiller
The arm of drawbar low anchor point requires minimum steering effort, and benefit from an improved workspace
The panoramic mast with wire mesh protection provides optimum visibility for handling effective and safe loads

Features relating to productivity

The AC motor (separately excited motor MS10E on the model) and the Combi MOSFET controllers ensure gradual and silent speed control
Automatic braking (current reversal) and regenerative braking
Control lifting / lowering fluid
kickback and start functions on slopes
Connecting a single console on the controller can perform the necessary settings for the application requirements and operator to achieve optimum performance
An approach speed control allows all functions of the truck to be used with the tiller arm in the vertical position to be able to maneuver in tight spaces
The MS10E model is equipped with an onboard charger to recharge the battery in a simple and practical way.

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