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power driver pallet trucks in a simple and user-friendly

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The carriages of the series are MPHD driver accompanying pallet trucks developed to be very handy in a simple and user-friendly and ensure maximum productivity.

They have been specially designed for use on medium to short distances and for loading and unloading vehicles in the following applications:

Handling heavy loads indoors
Loading and unloading of trucks
Horizontal transport over short and long distances
Applications with ramps and slopes


separately excited motor on models 2500 kg and 3000 kg. They guarantee an efficient and energy efficient operation. Maintenance is minimal thanks to the 1000 hour service intervals.

Superior quality elements ensure reliable operation and a maximum time of actual operation. Easy access to key components speeds up routine maintenance. The onboard diagnostic system can anticipate all maintenance interventions.


ergonomic features

An ergonomic tiller head with angled grips and simple and responsive butterfly controls minimize tension and fatigue on the wrist, thumb and fingers Operator
Double lifting and lowering controls are intended for use on the right and left
To further increase the efficiency of operation, all controls can be operated without having to release the tiller
The arm of drawbar low anchor point requires minimum steering effort, and benefit from an improved workspace

Features relating to productivity

Three pre-set modes can be selected to meet the needs of applications or operators
traction drives and hydraulic pump Combi MOSFET provide progressive control of the speed, an automatic release braking and regenerative braking and an anti-recoil
The input pads / output fork facilitate handling of closed pallets

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