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Pallet trucks driver platform focused for horizontal transport and loading / unloading of heavy vehicles

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The MPX series comprises three models suitable for light, medium and difficult applications.

The MP20XV truck is perfect for use in light to medium applications while the MP20X is designed for medium duty applications in arduous and the MP20XD was specially developed for handling double pallets for loading high capacity trailers.

These three models are tailored for a specific use in the following applications:

intensive loading and unloading of vehicles and trailers
Transhipment and horizontal transport over long distances medium
Order preparations
cold room at -30ºC
Supply of production lines


ergonomic features

A large cushioned platform with anti-slip coating allows the operator to choose the most comfortable driving position throughout its working cycle
Folding side arms provide the operator with maximum comfort and stability in its maneuvers
Lateral and rear protections are available on the operator platform models fixeProtection fixed with rear access (Biga)
Fixed protection with side access (Bob)

Reducing speed when steering
An ergonomic tiller head with angled grips and simple and responsive butterfly controls minimize tension and fatigue on the wrist, thumb and fingers Operator
Double lifting and lowering controls are intended for use on the right and left

Features relating to productivity

driver operation carried or accompanying driver for maximum flexibility in work
Four preset modes can be selected to meet the needs of applications or operators
The combination of the mast and the initial lift of the MP20XD model can transport and stack two loads of 1000 kg at the same time
The electronic control technology Combi MOSFET AC-DC Yale guarantees a powerful and energy efficient operation. Maintenance is minimal thanks to service intervals of 1,000 hours
The MOSFET traction controller ensures progressive speed control, automatic release braking and regenerative braking and an anti-recoil
side battery extraction on the model MP20X

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