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MP20-30S, MP20T


Pallet trucks with rider seated and with rider seated / standing for intensive horizontal transportation

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The lateral position of the seat MP20-30S model offers excellent visibility in both directions of travel while the configuration driver sitting / standing on the MP20T provides maximum flexibility for the operator.

The narrow chassis of the truck 790 mm MP20T is perfect for handling pallets and quite suitable for stacking accumulation.

Both models are designed to operate effectively in the following applications:

Loading and unloading of trucks and trailers
horizontal transport over long distances
Operation over extended work cycles


ergonomic features

The low step height of 285mm facilitates the ascent and descent
Electronic steering "fly by wire" simple and adjustable enables the operator to maneuver with precision and without effort
MP20T on the model, the padded ergonomic seat with backrest reduces vibrations transmitted to the whole body and operator fatigue over long work cycles. The inclination of the fabric upholstered seat is adjustable, providing the operator with strong support on long distance driving
The simple and amply dimensioned Butterfly button control direction and speed of the truck MP20T while the horn buttons and lifting and lowering are conveniently located under the handle for a control with the fingertips
On MP20S MP30S and trucks, the direction is selected via a rocker switch on the dashboard. The speed and braking are controlled by an accelerator pedal to the floor

Features relating to productivity

The Combi MOSFET traction controller provides control and progressive reduction and efficient energy speed cornering
Automatic release braking and anti-rollback function are standard and promotes safe operation on ramps and slopes and when loading and unloading
Holders load wheels allow you to manipulate a wide range of loads and adapt to many working surfaces for smooth operation
A position indicator of the steering wheel is provided on the dashboard, ensuring efficient and productive operation

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