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Intelligent pallet, agile and reliable, ideally suited to tight spaces and crowded areas

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Series pallet trucks Pedestrian MP 16-22 was designed to help you maximize the productivity of labor.

16-22 The same MP is tireless and efficient in smaller spaces. Designed with the operator's needs, it is distinguished by the intelligence of ergonomics and maneuverability uncommon.


Des résultats éprouvés

De par sa conception, chaque élément de la série MP est d'une fiabilité exceptionnelle. Testée par rapport aux chariots concurrents équivalents, la série MP :

  • est 11 % plus productive lors du déchargement ;
  • utilise jusqu'à 7 % d'énergie en moins ;
  • est venue à bout de 200 000 cycles de travail sans panne ;
  • a soulevé plus de 450 millions de kg sans panne ;

Les transpalettes de la série MP sont parfaitement adaptés aux applications suivantes :

  • Manutention en intérieur adaptée aux tâches moyennement ardues et ardues
  • Chargement et déchargement de camions
  • Transport horizontal sur courtes et longues distances
  • Rampes et pentes



productivity characteristics

exclusive function of intelligent lifting Yale Smart Lift ™ allows the operator to lift loads and begin to carry the pallet before it to the maximum height
Approach speed selection and the approach speed in movement, for maximum security of the load
Small footprint for greater maneuverability

ergonomic features
operating range of the tiller arm broader market: it is ideally suited to a wide range of applications
ergonomically designed tiller arm restricting wrist movements
tiller arm placed halfway, reducing operator fatigue
Superior visibility: the operator can see the forks, and position them to enter / exit effectively an empty pallet or loaded
The Yale Smart Slow Down system proposed option ensures the stability of the load during sharp turns




















The best technical support in the industry, provided by the Yale independent dealer network

unmatched parts availability
AC traction system, low maintenance
Cache easy to remove for easy access to key elements
Sideways the optional battery (proposed on the MP18 to MP22 models)


Low operating costs

Elements of molded and tensile resistant frame, for a long service life
Torsion bar and very robust linkage for reduced wear
Brushless technology, to eliminate the maintenance and wear











MP16-22-Pallet-Truck-Unit-CoverCache of the power unit resistant to well protect items

enclosed AC traction motor
reinforced elements
A rock solid in the most demanding applications

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