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A very competitive solution for industry

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The MO50T truck is a cost-effective solution for on-line feeder applications in industry

It is perfectly suited for the following applications:
Manufacturing process where the activity is intense
Horizontal transport over short and long distances

ergonomic features

The scooter drive with power steering reduces operator fatigue and allows it to remain protected inside of the truck limits
The low step reduces operator fatigue
The large suspended platform with presence sensor completely covers the platform. This allows the operator to find the most comfortable driving position and to pass through both sides
The electric steering effortless and automatic reduction in speed corners provide excellent maneuverability and high productivity
The anti-roll back on ramps and slopes ensures efficient operation

Features relating to productivity

The AC traction motor provides acceleration, travel speed and a high performance braking, making the carriages of the MO50T series ideal for applications where frequent stops
The operating modes to adapt the trolley depending on the application requirements and operator
The buttons of the direction of forward and reverse at low speed (depending inching) are located on both sides of the backrest to allow the operator to walk along the carriage to the next collection location
Different types of couplings are available to meet the specific needs of trailers
large capacity battery
The side battery extraction is available on all models

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