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Yale solution for preparing first and second commands comfortable and efficient levels

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Yale solution for preparing first and second commands comfortable and efficient levels

MO10E the Yale series has been designed for the preparation of second and third level controls to about 4.8 m and includes fixed forklifts, fixed cab, additional lift or accessible platform or box pallet. A solution tailored to the warehouses where the collection of individual items for the preparation of customer orders is the main priority.

The MO Series is available with guide rail or wire guidance for work in the VNA and collection sites that can reach 9 m. This helps streamline pallet locations for slow-moving items and store a maximum of items in a minimum of space.

Use of products for different applications:

Fixed Support - To order picking at ground level and first level
fixed Cabin - Perfect for applications at ground level where the cab is fixed but the forks to be lifted, where guided carts working in the aisles and closed when pallets are used
additional lift - This model adjusts the height of the container carrying the items collected for the height of the pallet box to be optimal for the collection because the forks can be lifted independently of the operator's cab.
accessible platform or box pallet - The operator can leave the cab and walk on the platform, allowing to extend the collecting space to accommodate items larger or longer. Lifting barriers and / or a protective box pallet can reinforce the operator's safety


ergonomic features

The large suspended platform with presence sensor covers the entire area of ​​the cab, allowing the operator to position itself in the most comfortable working position throughout his working day
The padded platform absorbs vibration and low step reduces the operator fatigue
The controls are positioned to offer the operator a maximum displacement space, in order to optimize the collection of both sides of a driveway
The electric steering "fly-by-wire" with the drive wheel position indicator reduces steering effort
The forks can be raised or lowered independently from the cab, according to the working height: the operator does not need to bend or stretch

Features relating to productivity

Four operating parameters to configure the truck to the needs of the operator or application
Pedestrian mode, the "approach speed" function allows the operator to walk along the carriage until the next collection location (MO10E)
The AC traction motor provides acceleration, travel speed and a progressive braking and fluids
The operating modes to adapt the trolley depending on the application requirements and operator
The buttons functions inching and lift / lower the forks on both sides of the truck allows the operator to walk beside the truck and the forks up and down without having to re-board, reducing the drudgery and increasing productivity
The operator cabin can move together horizontally and vertically, to reduce the time spent to reach the next collection location on trucks operating in guided aisles
A multifunction graphic display provides easy to read information on the condition of the truck, the selected operating mode and anticipates maintenance interventions.


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