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Driver of forklifts to accompanying versatile counterweight

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The MC series is ideal for applications where the stacking of goods on low and middle shelves height is limited to a few hours a day. These trolleys can be used in applications where the stackers with support arm can not do, such as for lifting a pallet box (with background) directly from the ground.

The carriages of the MC series are equipped with a reversible drawbar arm to anchor the top that can be operated from the rear of the cart or from the large raised platform operator in driver mode.

The ideal solution for:

Small warehouses
Applications mezzanine featuring weight constraints
cold room at -30ºC



ergonomic features

The reversible tiller with patented angled grips and simple and responsive butterfly controls minimize tension and fatigue on the wrist, thumb and fingers Operator
lift buttons and down, tilt and side shift are all located on the tiller controls and can be used with the left hand as his right hand
To further increase the efficiency of operation, all controls can be operated without having to release the tiller
improved stability thanks to 5-point fixed to the ground with training wheels
A multifunction display indicates the status of the truck and the operator anticipates maintenance needs

Features relating to productivity

The AC traction motor and hydraulic pump DC motor and the drive MOSFET Combi ensure gradual and silent speed control for high efficiency and low operating costs
The operator of the diagnostic interface to select the desired operating parameters according to the requirements of operators and applications
Control of the approach speed allows to operate the truck with the tiller arm in the vertical position at reduced speed, which allows to maneuver in tight spaces.
The panoramic mast provides improved visibility for handling effective and safe loads
The fork tilt and side shift option available to ensure accurate positioning of the load

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