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MAZOYER, distributor EXCLUSIVE Bobcat in Gold Coast (21) andin Saône et Loire (71) for the full range of construction equipment of Bobcat marquee:
- Excavators 800 Kg to 8 T
- Compact Wheeled Loaders and excavators
- Telescopic handlers from 5m to 21m
- A wide range of accessories


Birth of the brand
Once finalized the concept of cons-rotation, and the increasing number of customers finding a myriad of uses for this machine, the company has sought to exploit the unique characteristics of this new equipment. With a new name, a new logo and a new chromatic identity, the Melroe loader imposed a new identity, which was to become the icon of a true success story.

Marketers have begun to reflect on the position to give this machine. Referring to fertilizer manufacturing plants and dairies, two growing markets for the loader, the creators have suggested the white color that best reflects the cleanliness and sterilization concepts.
To find the most evocative name and most exclusive, they plunged into the dictionary and started looking for a pet name - lion, tiger, cougar, panther, and finally ... "bobcat" (lynx in English). In the dictionary, the lynx was described as a "strong, fast and agile" animal. - Bullseye: the Bobcat brand was born.




The Bobcat logo changes face

The Bobcat company's history is marked by many changes: changes in ownership, of goods, but also visual identity. The oldest Melroe oval logo dates back to the 1960s, while the logo and the most recent Bobcat name was created 5 years ago.