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Light material bucket
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Light material bucket


Accessories Doosan loaders Bucket lightweight materials

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The convex side blades bucket lightweight materials ensures high capacity and excellent load retention. This bucket is the choice the most productive and more profitable when it comes to move large amounts of lightweight materials.


Description Capacité en dôme ISO (m3)
Bkt GP DM DL200 2
Bkt GP DM DL200-3 2
Bkt GP DM DL250 2
Bkt GP DM DL250-3 2.5
Bkt GP DM DL300 3
Bkt GP DM DL300-3 3
Bkt GP DM DL350 3.5
Bkt GP DM DL350-3 3.5
Bkt HD DM DL420 4.2
Bkt HD DM DL420-3 4.2
Bkt HD DM DL450 4.5
Bkt HD DM DL450-3 4.5
Bkt HD DM DL500 5
Bkt HD DM DL550-3 5



The elements highly stressed as the leading edge, the bead plates and the edges of the gaskets are made with a hardened steel with a hardness up to 400 HB for high abrasion resistance.
Bottom thick steel side panels for added wear resistance
• side blades made of high strength steel 420 HB
Curved base for quick and easy filling
convex side blades to load up to 9 each trip
• Serial bolted attack Edge: eliminating risks of interference or mechanical lock

Loading Application low density materials as wood chips Such, coal, grain, paper, leaves, compost, granulates, refuse, mulch, etc.

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