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Designed for applications with medium and intensive work cycles

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Yale strives to offer its customers a range offering a wide choice of trucks tailored to the needs of applications, plus:


Outstanding productivity

Advanced ergonomics
The lower operating cost over the life cycle

Real reliability
Remarkable ease of maintenance



The VX series combines all these qualities in a truck designed to increase the ROI of your material handling fleet.

And now, with a new mast model that provides increased visibility for the operator and a positioner integrated sideshift, all combine to multiply productivity.

The model VX 2500 kg, fuel-efficient, consumes only 3 liters per hour (according to VDI 2198) and has a multitude of features improved ergonomics and productivity. Moreover, it is with flexible financing options and customized offered by our network of exclusive distributors: it is easy to see why the VX series is undoubtedly the most sensible choice for your business.


Significantly more productive.

More equipment and guarantors options for effective handling and performance tailored to specific applications.

Thirty-four models from 2000 kg to 3500 kg
Five engine options and three transmissions
Servo motor with the hydraulic functions control the slow approach
Fashion High Performance (HiP)
low energy consumption mode (ECO-eLo)
continuous improvement in stability
protection system of the drive train against damage and misuse
Premium electronic monitoring
Decline mastered ramps or sloped
Traction speed limiter
Return of the inclination at the reference point
Models with a raised cabin, in which the position of the operator seat is higher and allows a high visibility on expenses
Range of cabins suited to harsh environments and offer protection against the weather


Much more comfortable.

Improved ergonomics that provides your operators comfortable and productive work environment.

The innovative design of the operator compartment enhances working comfort. The isolated kinematic chain and the adjustable total suspension seat ensure low vibration levels transmitted to the whole body (0.6m / s2). The hardship and pain are reduced and the operator remains installed and productive throughout the working team.

Other key features of ergonomics:

hydraulic control module AccuTouch ™ mini-levers
3 control options direction
interactive dashboard display
Adjustable full suspension seat. Optional swivel seat
Hydraulic pump Low noise
Adjustable steering column to infinity
Great walking access to low loaders (382 mm)
Rear handle with horn
Perfectly noise insulated cabin operator























Much more efficient.

More savings on operating costs and operating costs over the life cycle.

It is unanimously agreed that the purchase price of a lift truck is only a small part of the overall operating costs of materials handling fleet. Including the cost of the operator, the operating cost of the life cycle is the most important part of the charges. These include periodic maintenance, unscheduled repairs, the cost of spare tires, brakes and fuel.

Several elements contribute to the operating costs of the lowest life cycle that is:

The hydraulic load-sensing, which increases the working efficiency
The Auto Deceleration System (ADS), available as an option, which automatically slows the truck when the operator releases the accelerator pedal, thus improving considerably the life of the brakes and tires
Disc brakes in oil bath, which are perfectly suited to difficult environments and difficult
Improved ease of maintenance, which reduces labor costs associated with periodic maintenance and unscheduled repairs
The fuel consumption of 3 liters per hour of diesel model 2.5 t, the best in its class, helping to reduce fuel costs
The continuous improvement system stability (CSE), which ensures a stable platform for handling loads, without the costs inherent in electronic systems
The low energy consumption mode (ECO-eLo) protected by a password, which further increases the efficiency with minimal reduction in performance



Significantly more reliable.

The carriages of the VX series are designed and manufactured with the ambition to be the most reliable on the market today. This reliability is associated with an availability of spare parts within 24 hours and with the most comprehensive warranty that is.

The VX Series provides outstanding reliability:
The powertrain is of reliability and outstanding durability
Cooling systems, adapted to the application, help to increase the life of the elements and reduce overheating in difficult applications
The Hall sensors comprise semiconductor elements to magnetic activation and seal to external conditions
Premium electronic monitoring system controls the engine and transmission, avoiding potentially costly maintenance on the trolley
With the O-rings on all water connections, there is no leakage at the joints
Radiators mounted on shock absorbers


Much easier maintenance.

Veracitor The VX series has been designed to require less maintenance and be an extremely simple maintenance. Bonnet opening towards the rear on-board diagnostic system, through the availability of the best performing parts of the industry, the Veracitor VX sets new standards for ease of maintenance of forklifts.

Easy maintenance with:

the manager of vehicle systems Intellix VSM, which monitors the truck functions and alerts the operator if an intervention is necessary
sophisticated onboard diagnostic display with comprehensive dashboard
CANbus electrical system reducing wiring complexity
Hall sensors require no adjustment
Floor plate easy to drop, requiring no tooling
The most reliable parts and the most comprehensive range available on the market

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