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A trolley specially made for standard applications

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The series of gas and diesel forklift trucks LX has been designed and manufactured in order to offer customers, as part of standard applications, an economical alternative to elaborate carriages of the VX series for demanding applications. Using field-proven components already used on other thermal Yale trucks series ensures high reliability and optimum productivity.

Electronic Powershift transmission 1 speed allows changes of direction gently, maximizing efficiency and considerably reduces fuel consumption. This ensures a balance between the loads moved and fuel used.

Typical applications for which the LX series of trolleys can be considered as a viable alternative to the VX series are the following:

indirect distribution
wholesale and retail trade
light manufacturing

Features relating to the synonyms ergonomics of operator work comfort and operational efficiency

The isolated powertrain and full suspension seat help to reduce the levels of vibrations transmitted to the whole body
A comfortable operator compartment allowing it to have a clear floor space and unhindered
Climb and descent through easy access by 3 points and a low step height of 35 cm
An adjustable steering column to infinity and a seat and ergonomic controls at hand, for driving more comfortable


Features related to synonyms efficient performance and high productivity handling

Electronic Powershift transmission for efficient load handling
Slow approach to very reactive electronic control for the positioning of loads
The continuous improvement of the stability system (CSE) offers all the assurances of safe driving, thanks to the exceptional lateral stability it provides when traveling on uneven ground and when turning

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