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Designed for applications with medium and intensive work cycles

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Yale Veracitor series is a series of thermal forklifts whose many functions offer productivity, optimal ergonomics and reliability: all qualities that reduce both its operating costs and operating.

The 16VX-20SVX models have been specially designed to offer users a wide range of trolleys depending on application requirements. This series is available in two configurations: the Base model, which was designed to minimize the cost of acquisition without compromising performance and value model, optimized to deliver both performance and low operating costs.

Applications and means intensive work cycles in which the carriages of the great VX series are:


Logistics and distribution
large warehouses
Construction materials


Features relating to the synonyms ergonomics of operator work comfort and operational efficiency

The isolated powertrain and full suspension seat can achieve levels of vibrations transmitted to the whole body optimum of 0.6 m / s2
operator compartment to have a floor space clear and unhindered ascent and descent through easy access to three points and a low step height
Adjustable steering column to infinity and an ergonomic operator seat with integrated features of mini-lever hydraulic control arm and other key functions for optimum driving comfort
Auto Deceleration System (ADS) standard in the Value model: the trolley speed is automatically slowed down when the operator releases the accelerator pedal. This limits the use of the brake and reduce operator fatigue (Value model)
A dash display transmits continuously to the operator information about the trolley status and is positioned to provide optimum visibility


Features related to synonyms efficient performance and high productivity handling

Two transmission options are available to best meet application requirements: the standard electronic transmission for the base model and Techtronix 100 transmission for Value model.
electronic inching smoothly, shift and start to neutral with locking brakes
The continuous improvement of the stability system (SSC) offers all the assurances of safe driving thanks to:
Exceptional lateral stability when traveling on uneven ground and when turning
A decline mastered ramp to allow operators to use the truck with confidence on the slopes
A reversal system under control of the direction that control changes in direction and increases the lifespan of tires

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