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The electric counterbalanced forklift 24 volts VC is the most compact truck in its class and is designed to operate in the most confined spaces and transport the pallets to containers or warehouses in the most efficient manner.

Specially designed to provide a low cost of initial acquisition solution for medium duty applications where performance, maneuverability and battery life are important, the VC series is well suited for the following applications:

By stacking accumulation (overall width 996 mm)
congested loading and unloading docks
limited space on the manufacturing sites




Features relating to the synonyms ergonomics of operator work comfort and operational efficiency

A comfortable and intuitive work environment that helps reduce strains on the back of the operator and less difficult throughout the working day
generous legroom and low step height for easy access to the ascent and descent and a more comfortable working space that is
Lowest noise level in its class, reduced to 59dB (A)
A seat fully adjustable suspension total low vibration levels (0.3 to 0.5 m / s) helps to reduce vibrations transmitted to the whole body and gives the operator unparalleled comfort
The head-up display clears the visual field of the operator while allowing it to get a glance information about the state or the truck operating parameters
An adjustable armrest with mini-lever hydraulic controls, meaning control operation, emergency stop button and integrated buzzer
A manager of vehicle systems (VSM) that sets the mode of operation of the truck and also controls key functions for operation adapted to the application and the operator


Features related to synonyms efficient performance and high productivity handling

The operation HiP (high performance) offers a competitive top speed of 12.0 km / h (supported). The eLo fashion (low energy) achieves the lowest power consumption that is, namely 3.9 kilowatts / h (1.3 tonnes) and 4.0 kW / h (1.5 tonnes) demonstrated by VDI 2198 test
The mast "Clearview" offers the best visibility in its class. It allows the operator to work more effectively and confidently when taking and removal expenses.
Energy balance of performance, maneuverability and battery, determined by the needs of the application, increases the productivity and efficiency and significantly reduce the cost per moved pallet.

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