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The DXB190H hammer is designed to maximize the grinding performance and demolition of Doosan excavators from 22 to 30 tons. Delivering power, fuel-efficiency and operational stability of the highest order, the DXB190H hammer improves productivity by adapting its hydraulic capacity to the tool for consistent performance.



DXB190H Spécifications
Poids du porte-outil 22 - 30 tonnes
Poids opérationnel 1 815 kg
Diamètre de l'outil 142 mm
Pression de service 180 bar
Contre-pression moyenne max. 17 bar
Débit (min - max) 120 l/min - 180 l/min
Cadence de frappe 600 coups/min
Energie / coup 4 000 J
Niveau sonore 129 dB(A)



Energy Recovery System: The energy recovery system increases the striking power using the energy generated by the piston return. When the hammer is used on hard materials, the energy recovery system automatically increases the stroke rate to optimize performance.

exclusive distributor System: The patented valve controls the piston movement to maximize firepower.

Piston, high quality cylinder: The piston and cylinder are made of the same steel high quality as that used in the European aerospace industry. The number of wearing parts such as piston and cylinder has been reduced to lower the cost of replacement and maintenance. The tight tolerances minimize internal leaks and increase the efficiency of the hammer.

Protection against bumps White: A hydraulic damping limit switch in the bottom of the cylinder slows then stops the downward movement of the piston. This damping system prevents the first strike is carried out "blank".

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