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Mini excavator

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The DX30Z is equipped systems ideal for applications ranging from the installation of pipes to landscaping. Its compact dimensions allow it to intervene in confined areas and tight spaces nearby buildings. His combining precision digging performance, flexibility and power to maximize productivity.




DX30Z Caractéristiques techniques
Poids opérationnel (canopy / cabine) 3 080 / 3 180 kg
Moteur (SAE J1349) 18,1 kW / 2 400 tr/min
Largeur 1 550 mm
Portée maxi au niveau du sol (balancier court / long) 4 882 / 4 984 mm
Profondeur de fouille maxi (balancier court / long) 2 838 / 2 948 mm
Hauteur de fouille maxi (balancier court / long) 3 122 / 3 185 mm
Force d'arrachement maxi - godet 27,5 kN
Force d'arrachement maxi - balancier (court / long) 17,7 / 16,7 kN
Vitesse de déplacement 2,4 / 4,3 km/h



• Compact design - short Radius architecture
• Comfort - spacious and comfortable cabin
• Performance - remarkable excavation efficiency
• Reliability - long life components
• Maintenance - Easy access to service points

The cab structure is designed to provide the operator excellent comfort and outstanding all-round visibility, while maintaining a minimum radius of work. The combination of new engine generation environmentally friendly and sophisticated hydraulic systems leads to excellent digging performance, high efficiency and low operating noise. The use of high performance materials combined with new analytical methods structural constraints increases the service life of components and durability of the compact excavator. The alliance of the extended life of components, ease of access to service points and high productivity reduces the cost of using the compact excavator for all types of customers. 

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