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You can count on the new DX235NLC-5 to give you the power you need whenever you need them. That excavator can accomplish almost any task in tight spaces and can be transported safely on public roads. For maximum efficiency, you can adapt the machine performance by selecting the option to choose from different working modes. The practical design of the DX235NLC-5, combining strength and reliability, allows for maintenance operations as quickly and spaced deadlines - helping to reduce costs and increase productivity. And, as always, the spacious ROPS cab provides excellent visibility and unmatched comfort.



DX235NLC-5 Caractéristiques techniques
Poids opérationnel 22 400 kg
Moteur Doosan DL06P
Puissance moteur 124 kW (166 CV) à 1 800 tr/min (SAE J1995)
Débit maxi des pompes principales 2 x 207 l/m
Nombre de cylindres 6
Vitesse de déplacement 3,0 / 5,5 km/h
Force de traction max. 14,9 / 27,5 tonnes
Godets 0,51 – 1,49 m3
Niveau sonore (intérieur / extérieur) 69 dB(A) - 102 dB(A)
Largeur hors-tout 2 540 mm
Hauteur hors-tout (avant std) 3 130 mm
Longueur hors-tout (avant std) 9 505 mm
Rayon de rotation arrière 3 575 mm
Force d'arrachement au godet 16,5 t
Force d'arrachement au balancier (avant std) 12,6 t
Portée de fouille maxi (avant std) 9 465 mm
Profondeur de fouille maxi (avant std) 6 080 mm
Hauteur de fouille maxi (avant std) 9 450 mm




Total width of just 2.54 m - ideal for transport and work in confined spaces
• Unmatched Capacity at a range of 6 m
Exceptional stability and peel forces to the balance and bucket
Pulling force without equal: 27.5 tons
6-cylinder Doosan Engine: power, flexibility, high torque, reliability and low power consumption
comfortable and ergonomic cab with panoramic visibility copy
• Robust Architecture: reinforced chassis, resistant pads, front and hydraulic cylinders taken from machines in the category of 25 t 

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