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Pelle medium sized on average caterpillars.

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Establishing a new benchmark in the market

The DX225LC-3 is a versatile machine dedicated to residential building contractors to medium-sized and civil works. This is the perfect shovel for loading, pipe laying, clearing and even demolition.

Low noise level
More visibility
• Superior breakout power
Improved energy efficiency
• Optimized traction force



DX225LC-3 Specification
Poids opérationnel 21 900 - 22 800 kg
Moteur Doosan DL06K
Puissance moteur 124 kW / 167 CV à 1800 tr/min
Débit maxi des pompes principales 2 x 115 l/min
Nombre de cylindres 6
Vitesses de déplacement 3,0 / 5,5 km/h
Force de traction maxi 14,9 - 27,5 t
Godets 0,39 - 1,28 m³
Niveau sonore (intérieur / extérieur) 70 dB(A) (ISO 6396)
Largeur hors-tout 2 990 mm
Hauteur hors-tout (avant std) 3 005 mm
Longueur hors-tout (avant std) 9 490 mm
Rayon de rotation arrière 2 790 mm
Force d'arrachement au godet 149,0 kN
Force d'arrachement au balancier (avant std) 100,0 / 105,9 kN
Portée de fouille maxi (avant std) 9 885 mm
Profondeur de fouille maxi (avant std) 6 585 mm
Hauteur de fouille maxi (avant std) 9 560 mm



• New ROPS, spacious and pressurized, noise levels and remarkably low vibration
• Fully adjustable heated seat with air suspension as standard
• Large roof window with excellent visibility for working at height
• Automatic Control Air Conditioning
• Door large for convenient and safe access


• Manipulators and contactors integrated in solidarity seat consoles for optimal control accuracy. All switches are grouped and arranged ergonomically on the right.
• Navigation wheel to control various functions of the machine
• 4 working modes 4 and engine power modes for optimum efficiency
• Proportional control (flow / pressure) for smooth, precise control of accessories
• New color screen TFT liquid crystal 7 ". Very easy to use, it offers full access to settings and maintenance data of the machine.
• Backup camera and large mirrors
• Options: microphone, air compressor, straight travel pedal, cumulative flow and side view camera


• New 6-cylinder Doosan DL06K "Common Rail": power and Stage IIIB compliance with EGR
• Electronic control system e-EPOS (Electronic Power Optimising System) and hydraulic pressure relief function (power boost) for optimum fuel efficiency and reduced emissions
• more efficient conversion of engine power into hydraulic performance to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs • Electronically controlled cooling fan: EASY optimizing cooling performance, fuel economy and noise reduction


• Full access to all control and maintenance points
• Maintenance data viewable directly on the interactive control panel
• Fuel pre-filter with decanter
• Computer Connection for analysis and recording of maintenance and repair data
• Self-diagnosis Function
• Components Doosan extremely reliable
• high capacity batteries (150 Ah) and battery switch 

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