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Mini excavator

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The DX19 is designed around the operator and provides optimum ergonomics. The cabin has large glass areas and narrow pillars to generate maximum visibility in all directions and increase the comfort of the operator as the safety.

The hydraulic system fully exploits the power of the engine. Fast movements, combined with precise control of exceptional breakout forces provide maximum versatility and productivity with all accessories in the range.

For total peace of mind during the work, the design features were tested in extreme conditions and heavy steel rear door guarantees of greater solidity.



DX19 Caractéristiques techniques
Poids opérationnel (canopy / cabine) 1 781 / 1 894 kg
Moteur (SAE J1349 / ISO 9249) 9,9 kW / 2 500 tr/min
Largeur (châssis inférieur rétracté / étendu) 980 / 1 360 mm
Portée maxi au niveau du sol (bras std. / long) 4 039 / 4 214 mm
Profondeur de fouille maxi (bras std. / long) 2 385 / 2 565 mm
Hauteur de déversement maxi (bras std. / long) 2 566 / 2 693 mm
Force d'arrachement maxi. - bras (bras std. / long) 10,4 / 9,3 kN
Force d'arrachement maxi - godet 20,8 kN



bright and spacious cabin, front door, easy access
floor flat, easy to clean, with plenty of space for feet
ergonomic pedals and easy access to all controls
breakout forces and work envelope
Flexible working movements
Hydraulic performance 

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