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The DX180LC-3 excavator is designed and manufactured to be a versatile machine capable of meeting the needs of companies and rental agencies in areas such as the laying of pipes, landscaping, road maintenance, trench digging drainage and the grading and excavation accuracy. With a new engine complies with European emission standard of Stage IIIB, the excavator DX180LC-3 offers short cycle times, maximum productivity and an exceptional reliability and durability.
A wide range of configurations supplemented by various options is available to meet different needs.
Like all Doosan excavators, the DX180LC-3 has a first-class cabin providing unmatched comfort, ergonomic controls and excellent visibility.



DX180LC-3 Spécifications
Poids opérationnel 18 040 – 19 060 kg
Moteur Doosan DL06K
Puissance moteur 93 kW (125 CV) à 1950 tr/min
Débit maxi des pompes principales 2 x 152 l/m
Nombre de cylindres 6
Vitesse de déplacement 3,1 / 5,1 km/h
Traction maximum 17,4 tonnes
Godets 0,38 - 0,93 m³
Niveau sonore (intérieur/extérieur) 70 dB(A) / 101 dB(A)
Largeur hors-tout 2 800 / 2 490 mm (largeur réduite)
Hauteur hors-tout (avant std) 2 855 mm
Longueur hors-tout (avant std) 8 630 mm
Rayon de rotation arrière 2 450 mm
Force d'arrachement au godet 120,6 kN
Force d'arrachement au balancier (avant std) 85,3 kN
Portée de fouille maxi (avant std) 9 130 mm

Profondeur de fouille maxi (avant std)

6 110 mm

Hauteur de fouille maxi (avant std)

9 170 mm



• Powered by the 6-cylinder common rail Doosan DL06K, renowned for its performance and reliability technologies and using EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and DPF (particulate filter). EGR does not require engine modifications, no special maintenance procedures, or specific instructions or special additives. This results in optimized resale value of the machine.

• Operating costs minimized through better lift performance and tear, fuel consumption significantly reduced, the durability Doosan own time and optimal service.

• Our machines have one of the best levels of standard equipment market and offer the ultimate in visibility, comfort, safety, order accuracy and ease of use.

• They may also be subject to a wide range of options to meet your needs regardless of the application. 

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