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Wheel excavator

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For a return on investment The prime DX160W-3 fulfills the most demanding tasks with imperturbable efficiency. Reliably and consistently, it saves you time and money. It combines power dig, lift capacity and speed to provide day after day guaranteed performance. And thanks to its excellent energy efficiency will reduce costs while protecting the environment.

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DX160W-3 Caractéristiques techniques
Poids en ordre de marche 15 846 - 16 762 kg
Moteur Doosan DL06KB
Puissance moteur 102 kW / 137 CV à 2 000 tr/min
Débit maxi des pompes principales 2 x 170 L/min
Nombre de cylindres 6
Vitesse de déplacement (Rapide / Eco / Lent / Au pas) 37 / 32 / 10 / 3,5 km/h
Force de traction maxi 8 300 kgf
Godets 0,24 - 0,76 m³
Niveau sonore (intérieur/extérieur) 69 dB(A) / 102 dB(A)
Largeur hors-tout 2 500 mm
Rayon de rotation arrière 2 200 mm
Hauteur hors-tout (flèche mono./arti.) 3 430 mm / 3 950 mm
Longueur hors-tout (flèche mono./arti.) 7 185 mm / 8 005 mm
Force d'arrachement au godet 114,9 kN
Force d'arrachement au balancier (avant std) 79,6 kN
Portée de fouille maxi (flèche mono./arti.) 7 765 mm / 8 670 mm
Profondeur de fouille maxi (flèche mono./arti.) 4 650 mm / 5 455 mm
Hauteur de fouille maxi (flèche mono./arti.) 8 340 mm / 9 565 mm



Engine Doosan 6-cylinder e-EPOS system that ensures exceptional power, high torque and low fuel consumption
Very high performance coupled with an optimized weight distribution of the machine to lift capacity and breakout force enhanced
Long wheelbase for stability, comfort and enhanced driving performance on rough terrain
Low running costs, coupled with low power consumption, easy maintenance and high resale value
large capacity fuel tank for spacing refueling
smooth and precise operation of the hydraulic system ensuring strength, penetration and workgroup movements optimized
• Compact dimensions and high ground clearance
First class ROPS cab with unmatched comfort and excellent all round visibility


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