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Loader large wheels

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The loader DL550-5 tire is designed for handling applications of the most voluminous materials - it is therefore ideal for industrial, demolition and mining and quarrying.

Powered by a diesel engine that can operate in power saving mode or depending on job requirements to make the DL550-5 offers manual transmission, automatic and semi-automatic. In addition, its reduced cycle time and increased uptime allow you to improve your profitability.

Other features of the high performance DL550-5 include in particular a shift transmission with optimized hydraulic pumps, a bar lifting arm Z, a function return in attack position, a rear limited slip differential and a differential prior to hydraulic lock.




DL550-5 Caractéristiques
Poids opérationnel 31 585 kg
Moteur Scania DC13
Puissance moteur 283 kW (380 CV) à 1800 tr/min (SAE J1995)
Débit maxi des pompes principales 480 l/min
Nombre de cylindres 6
Vitesse de translation 37 km/h
Force de traction maxi 31 tonnes
Godets 5,4 – 5,7 m3
Niveau sonore (intérieur / extérieur) 71 dB(A) - 106 dB(A)
Largeur hors-tout 3 400 mm
Hauteur hors-tout N/D
Longueur hors-tout 9 870 mm
Force d'arrachement 247 kN



• Engine Compliance Phase IV standard provided exclusively by a post-treatment system SCR.
• Led by Scania diesel engines optimized for use with an injection system with high pressure common rail for optimal performance.
• selectable engine modes (Eco, Normal and Power) to optimize the responsiveness of the machine based on precision work, lifting, loading, or difficult excavation work.
• Auto idle functions and automatic shutdown to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.
• An efficient cooling system (all aluminum) separated from the engine compartment, reversible variable speed fan to ensure optimal cooling while minimizing fuel consumption.
• Powershift Transmission 5-speed lock-up function of providing direct training.
• Automatic hydraulic differential lock 100% to ensure optimum traction at all times and limit tire wear.
• bar linkage Z to provide a high breakout force.
• Lift arm with a hydraulic damping system of charging for the operator to enjoy an optimal driving comfort.
• comfortable cabin roominess enhanced, excellent visibility, enhanced adjustment steering column, automatic air conditioning and ergonomic controls.
• An electric power steering manipulator for perfect driving operator comfort and increased productivity.
• Automatic lubrication system ensuring better lubrication while optimizing the service life of the machine.
• Easy Maintenance: control points, oil sampling ports and discharge devices engine and readily available coolant. Control your Doosan equipment and manage their maintenance with the Doosan Telematics to reduce costs.
• Telematics - Subscription for 3 years.
• Options: Control levers 3 fingertips, lifting bar high range Z ...

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