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You can count on the wheel loader Doosan DL450-5 for handling larger amounts of materials. Its dimensions make it a machine particularly suited to the handling of granular materials - such as sand and gravel - in industrial applications as well as quarrying and mining. It is also an ideal machine for infrastructure applications.

The shape of its bar lift arms Z series minimizes waste while increasing productivity. Designed for heavy loads, its lift path has fewer moving parts and provides precise positioning in all circumstances. Fast discharge capacity of the bucket facilitate unloading of sticky or wet materials, while the load-sensing control system ensures precise and incremental commands.

The powerful hydraulic system reduces cycle time and automatic hydraulic differential lock can work confidently on furniture or muddy terrain. The telematics system controls your Doosan Doosan Heavy equipment and manages maintenance to reduce costs.



DL450-5 Caractéristiques
Poids opérationnel 25 730 kg
Moteur Scania DC13
Puissance moteur 257 kW (345 CV) à 1800 tr/min (SAE J1995)
Débit maxi des pompes principales 476 l/min
Nombre de cylindres 6
Vitesse de translation 38 km/h
Force de traction maxi 23,6 tonnes
Godets 4,5-5 m³
Niveau sonore (intérieur / extérieur) 72 dB(A) - 104 dB(A)
Largeur hors-tout 3 300 mm
Hauteur hors-tout N/D
Longueur hors-tout 9 340 mm
Force d'arrachement 231 kN



• Engine Compliance Phase IV standard provided exclusively by a post-treatment system SCR.
• Led by Scania diesel engines optimized for use with an injection system with high pressure common rail for optimal performance.

• selectable engine modes (Eco, Normal and Power) to optimize the responsiveness of the machine based on precision work, lifting, loading, or difficult excavation work.
• Auto idle functions and automatic shutdown to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.
• An efficient cooling system (all aluminum) separated from the engine compartment, reversible variable speed fan to ensure optimal cooling while minimizing fuel consumption.
• Powershift Transmission 5-speed lock-up function of providing direct training.
• Automatic hydraulic differential lock 100% to ensure optimum traction at all times and limit tire wear.
• bar linkage Z to provide a high breakout force.
• Lift arm with a hydraulic damping system of charging for the operator to enjoy an optimal driving comfort.
• comfortable cabin roominess enhanced, excellent visibility, enhanced adjustment steering column, automatic air conditioning and ergonomic controls.
• An electric power steering manipulator for perfect driving operator comfort and increased productivity.
• Automatic lubrication system ensuring better lubrication while optimizing the service life of the machine.
• Easy Maintenance: control points, oil sampling ports and discharge devices engine and readily available coolant. Control your Doosan equipment and manage their maintenance with the Doosan Telematics to reduce costs.
• Telematics - Subscription for 3 years.
• Options: Control levers 3 fingertips, lifting bar high range Z ...

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