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articulated Haulers

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With a payload of 28 metric tons, the DA30 is designed to meet all your needs on-road and off-road. It is suitable for a wide range of earthmoving applications in the harshest environments. Whatever work context, its new low noise spacious cabin ensures optimal operator comfort with practical and modern controls. It comes standard with a rear door scissors.



DA30 Spécifications
Moteur Scania DC9
Configuration 5 cyl. en ligne / 9,3 l
Puissance brute 370 CV (276 kW) à 2 100 tr/min
Puissance nette 362 CV (270 kW) à 2 100 tr/min
Couple brut 1 873 Nm à 1 300 tr/min
Volume de la benne (SAE 2:1) 16,8 m³
Indice de densité (SAE 2:1) 1,64 t/m³
Poids brut (SAE 2:1) 51 400 kg
Poids net (SAE 2:1) 23 400 kg
Rapport poids/puissance, à vide 12,1 kW/t
Rapport poids/puissance, en charge 5,47 kW/t
Transmission Arbre intermédiaire ZF 8 EP320
Vitesses 8 AV / 4 AR
Vitesse de déplacement avant maxi
(1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8)
5 / 8 / 11 / 15 / 22 / 30 / 42 / 55 km/h
Freins avant Disques à bain d'huile
Freins arrière Disques à bain d'huile
Ralentisseur Frein sur échappement et ralentisseur de transmission
Benne (plancher - flancs - avant) 400 BN (12 - 10 - 8 mm)
Longueur hors-tout 9558 mm
Largeur 2990 mm
Hauteur de déchargement 3560 mm
Rayon de braquage ISO 7457 7680 mm




Productivity: the DA30 model offers ground clearance and a ground pressure unmatched in its class. Added to this are exceptional low-end torque and a power and traction of the first order, for maximum productivity.

TCO: ZF transmission EP 8 forward / 4 reports AR - designed specifically for articulated trucks - combined with the auto / manual selection Tip Tronic guarantees the operator comfort and reduces fuel consumption for each application.

Power: DC 09 new Scania engine with SCR and EGR compliant Phase IV 276 kW (370 hp) at 2100 rev / min.

Engine: Scania engine with variable geometry turbocharger and electronic motor brake. This engine provides excellent low-end torque to make you benefit from unparalleled traction in every application.

Ease of use: improved control panel with several series of languages, measurement system payload, slope indicator, reversing camera, diagnostic section and other features.

Comfort: Access from the front for safety and visibility, noise perceived by the operator of the lowest category, temperature control, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, unique key, and many others .

Cooling: improved cooling capacity for hot work environment.

Traction: 6 transmission permanent wheel drive, combined with limited slip differentials transverse automatic, eliminates operator error and provides optimum traction. The longitudinal differential lock is actuated through a single switch.

Security: Increased security through the inclination gauge.

Tipper: sheet steel with a hardness of 400 HB.

Capacity: 17.8 m³ The back door, grab the heating system and the wear plates are optional.

Total control: selection of manual and automatic reports, power steering, bucket tilt lever operated with a finger, motor brakes and automatic transmission, seat central operator and simple touchpad with all functions.

Accessibility in service: the new EP transmission is designed for easy maintenance. The main valve is located on top of the transmission to a search for easy incidents. Series tilt cab allows easy access to all major components.

braking systems: oil-immersed disc brakes (service life up to 15 000 hours). Electronic motor brake, parking brake and hydraulic transmission retarder series.

Low ground pressure: the bucket specially designed and angled chassis can simultaneously enjoy a low center of gravity and perfect weight distribution. Added to this is a free-swinging tandem, leading to contact pressure at ground unmatched in the category without the use of high-flotation tires.

Rear door: the bucket and the specially designed rear door provide maximum opening to facilitate sliding of the load - improving productivity and driver safety.



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